Moxie Minds For Good Tomorrows


” Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength. ” ― Corrie ten BoomClippings from My Notebook


Can we have a childlike view

Of problems, worries, all things new

Can we build a strength within

Keep troubles out,  let calm flow in


Worry robs our souls of peace

Let it go, let it cease

Face tomorrow as it comes

Shed those thoughts,  oh let’s play dumb


Today we can enjoy the hours

Look for beauty in the flowers

Marvel white clouds floating by

Lay your head back, see the sky


Think of friends and loved ones dear

So many blessings through the years

Thankfulness must take first place

In our minds to win the race


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Be Still My Savage Heart


” When we see the lilies spinning distress, Taking thought to manufacture loveliness …….. When we see the birds all building barns for store……..  Twill be time for us to worry, not before………… Be Still My Anxious Heart……………Author Unknown.


Be still my anxious heart

These words so often heard

Bring peace to anxious thoughts

Peace to minds so often blurred


Such a restless world  today

We all strive to do our part

Laughter, songs and simple smiles

Everyday a brand new start



Keep the savage beast inside you

Rumours,  hatreds do abound

Never let them hold you captive

Love thy neighbour, keep them sound.


We have to work together

Keeping this old world at peace

We can all love one another

 Our human race can never cease


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A Bottle Full Of Bubbles


How much fun can a six-year-old have

When she’s given a bottle of bubbles

Now you see them, now you don’t

Here they come floating without trouble

IMG_0157 (1)

A birthday party on a summer’s day

Gracie having so much fun

Charlie is now 4 years old

Bubbles flying in the sun


A gift to all the children who came to celebrate

To sing the happy birthday song

Ice cream and birthday candles

Creating laughter all day long


The Blossom Is A Promise


In early Spring our street is lined

With lovely blossomed trees

A new beginning without doubt

Nature’s promise for all to see


So many changes in our lives

They come and go at will

If only we could be like blossoms

If only we could be still


Sometimes my worries get me down

Sometimes I cannot cope

Just think about those lovely trees

They should give to me some hope


Life will go on each and every day

With or without you and me

So I say it’s time to shed my grief

Dust it off and let’s be free


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Lives We Taper

Prompt word: Taper


“People are like stained glass windows; they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within….Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Throughout our lives we taper

We toil and we try

To find our way to better lives

Someday we will ask why


This day I speak of comes for all

This day that we all dread

We never want to think of this

Laying helpless in a bed




When our time has come to go

With Angels by our side

The earthly Angels giving care

Emotions they can’t hide


I witnessed this for many years

Hospice nurse also a friend

So ill and yet their strength came through

 Not wanting life to end

Nurse Compassion







The nurses job all night and day

To give the family rest

Respite, Hospice home or not

We try to give our best


When their time is drawing near

Loved ones cannot withstand

The Hospice nurse will be right there

Holding you with outstretched hands.


Retired now I do reflect

Of days and nights so long

I would not change a thing today

Memories, smiles and songs

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