The Voice of the Blue Jay

I am sitting at my computer on this bright sunny day.  Spring is finally here and I welcome the season with open arms.

The cool but fresh breeze is drifting through my open window and I hear the sound of a bird coming from the evergreen trees.

It is such a beautiful sound and I have to take a look so see what type of bird is singing to the world with all his might.

It is a beautiful Blue Jay, so common to the Canadian countryside, cities and towns.

Oh he is gorgeous, looking so proud, telling the other birds, “here I am, look at me”!

He doesn’t stay long as he has other places to go and songs to sing in the many trees.  He wants his voice to be heard by everyone as he should sing with all his might!

The birds teach us that no matter what life brings or what worries we might have, we need to use our voice and ‘sing’!

I hope he comes again tomorrow while I’m at my desk to give me his song!  I will be watching and listening.

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