Colourful Memories

cropped-6790360876_622e026eac_n2.jpgI have a closet full of memories.  Do you?

So many lovely dresses but nothing to wear.

Every season I have an appointment with my closet.  I stand there looking at the many items but where do I start.

That time of the year when winter coats, sweaters, hats and gloves will be hidden away in a safe place.

Decisions, decisions!  Where do I start?  What has to go and what has to stay?

Oh, I might want to wear that blouse someday!  Oh, I can’t give that old pair of jeans away!  On and on, decisions, decisions!

If I haven’t worn it, washed it, moved it, or thought about it for one year then it has to go!

But can I?  Will I?  Should I?

Yes!  Where is the box?  I will do this!  The most difficult job of the whole year!

Cleaning out all my memories of past days, of fun days and bad days all trapped inside this closet!

There is no time like the present!  Let’s do this!  Someone else will love this article!

Donation depot here I come!!!!!!!!!