Nature’s Clarity ; Sweet Springtime?



Oh sweet sweet Springtime, you are finally here!

What a beautiful sunny day in April!!

The daffodils are blooming, the grass is green, the birds are back singing in the trees.

But wait!!  It’s snow!!

As I look out the window I see big white flakes falling gently from the clouds.

But it’s snow!!

A sereen site, falling softly, all in unison, all so lovely.

But it’s snow!!!

This is April!  This is Springtime!  We can’t have this!!

But it’s snow!!!

We are so tired of winter and we want the warmth of Spring

We can’t see snow!!!

Put the fireplace on, find a sweater, read my book, sip my tea.

Yes, it is snow!!!


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  1. White stuff where I am too, 15-20 cm of it coming. Aghast. Spring in Canada, gotta love it! Marianne

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    1. Patricia says:

      Oh no! I was happy that at least our snow melted after a little while. You’ve gotta love it!!! Thank you Marianne!

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