Headline : Science Fair Today

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Photos courtesy of and posted in The Tilbury Times, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada    (https://windsoressex.cioc.ca/record/CHK0953)

Living in a small town has so many benefits.  Since today’s Daily Prompt is Newspaper this gives me the opportunity to talk about our small town news!

In most cities the headlines would be reading something about world affairs such as political protests, terrorism or stories about heads of state.

In our small town of a little over 4000 people the story on the front page of this particular newspaper on this particular day was about “The School Science Fair”!!!


I happened to attend this Science Fair because my 10-year-old granddaughter was taking part.

Lauren and Bella worked very hard to demonstrate their “Eggtastic Eggsperiment”.

Kegan made a lemon battery. He demonstrated with his experiment that Lemons make the most electricity.

Emily looked at oil spills.  She was demonstrating how to clean up future oil spills from our precious ocean waters.

Justin and Logan’s project called “Generation Plastic” was raising the awareness about plastic pollution increasing in the world’s waters!!

Now we all know that these news articles are not so important to everyone and many people would scoff at this small town news and label it nonsense but to this reader and resident it is wonderful!!

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These young children are our hope for a better future in this old world and to me, “that is the best news of the day”!!!