A Giggle or a Gasp

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No, there wasn’t a real nun among us; however, we loved to sing, do good work and have fun!!

Did you ever go to see the 1992 movie, Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg?  I do remember sitting in the theatre, giggling throughout this very, very funny movie!

This movie came to mind immediately when the Quinn United Church decided to hold a talent show at their minister’s wedding reception in 1994.  One of the members of the church decided to call upon twelve other church members to put together their own Sister Act nun performance at the talent show.  They were a huge hit!

The success of the group’s performance at the wedding reception led to the formation of the hilariously funny and popular Quinn Sisters Act, consisting of twenty-one members and of which I proudly became one.Scan_20160413 (2)

Our group performed many Motown songs and tunes with a comical twist in the lyrics that included a spiritual message.  We provided a fun-filled show, leaving the audiences laughing and tapping their toes each time.

Laughter, comedy, fun and audience participation was always the theme of our show which we would generally perform in Nursing Homes and Churches.  We were all about fund-raising and a non-profit group.  Our ladies included five different denominations and ranged in age from thirty to eighty years old.

As a group of ladies who lived their personal lives performing in other regular occupations throughout the  day, we were astonished at the popularity of our Quinn Sisters Act.  We all warmly remember an elderly lady, who was wheeled out in her bed to enjoy the show at a nursing home.  Although she was too frail to move, the group could see her tapping her fingers to our songs!!!

Another funny moment occurred when we performed for a hospital volunteer appreciation night.  The event was held at Caesars Casino, Windsor and it was such fun!  After the performance the group of nuns decided how hilarious it would be to walk through the Casino in our “nun” attire.  The patrons of the Casino stared in disbelief as we walked proudly amongst all the gamblers.

Such fond memories of a wonderful time in the life of this Quinn Sister Act no nun-sense lady!!!  I always had to wonder; did we cause a giggle or a gasp???





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