A Passion; No Snap Decision

stock-vector-pondering-woman-retro-clip-art-60965896Have you ever found yourself wondering what your true purpose is in life?  Whether you’re in the right job or have taken up the best hobbies to suit your unique character?   Truthfully I can’t say that I’ve ever enjoyed having a real hobby in life.

Living on the farm had always been such a busy life since I was the chief cook and bottle washer, the errand person and the chauffeur!  There were three children to care for and always a job waiting leaving little time for hobbies of any sort!

Once I became a retired single lady with an empty nest, life became so different, so quiet and sometimes even mundane.  A lovely friend who spends every spare minute quilting told me, “what you need is a passion”!!  Her passion was quilting and what beautiful quilts she would make.


So I need a passion!!  This could not be a ‘snap’ decision! Very serious thought had to go into this important decision!  For so many years there was no time for passions and hobbies.  My passion was my family and my housework.  My passion was a ‘passion of life”!




Gardening is something I enjoy but not in the passion category.  Dancing is so much fun but again is not considered a passion on a daily basis. Knitting, crocheting, antiquing,  crafts?  What should I choose?

The Answer came so quickly, and by coincidence, from a friend who had spent a number of years blogging with WordPress!

Writing letters to distant relatives was something I enjoyed throughout the years but writing a blog had not occurred to me.  After some conversation with my friend as to how much pleasure she gained from it, I wanted to write just one story to ‘see how it would go’!

After all these years, yes, I have found my passion!  Blogging!  It is a challenge but I always look forward too writing my thoughts down each day.  Reading posts from others is so interesting along with meeting many new friends.  After all these years; yes, I think I will keep trying this out!!




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