Fog On The Farm



Having lived most of my life on a farm and the farm being near a lake meant seeing many a foggy morning.


The steamy morning heat could always be accompanied by a low-lying layer of fog that would blanket the rich soybean fields coating each leaf and bean pod.  These struggling soybean plants would be welcoming this moisture any way it would come to them on many a rain deprived summer day.

Cool summer morning hours were the favourite time to be out in those soybean fields with hoe in hand, walking up and down the rows ridding the field of the dreaded button-weed, rag-weed, hemp, or thistle.  Oh how well I remember the cold wet leaves that had been kissed by the low-lying fog hovering over as a blanket on a child’s bed.

Although the heat might be intense, we would have to wear long trousers to protect our legs from the moisture and sunburn.


The experience was not all bad however, as it was a great time to have interesting conversations and even laughter with sons and daughter, sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers or who ever had been designated to come out and help hoe the weeds.

Many a farmer will tell you that these hands on working days were actually treasured memories of time spent with their children.

I especially remember one summer when my younger sisters from the city had come out to the farm help us hoe; a job they were not familiar with.  All showered, dressed and with a splash of perfume they were ready to come to work.  Unfortunately the perfume was attracting some very curious bees and eventually this sister was coming to their rescue!!  It was the funniest sight you would ever see!

Never fear; no one was stung, but just the picture of the bunch of us jumping around to get away from the bees has been planted in my memory and makes me smile every time I think of this.

Now when I see the fog rolling in I remember those precious days and realize that somewhere a farmer is so happy to have this blanket of fog over his growing soybean, corn or wheat field and saying a big, ‘thank you for visiting the farm Mr. Fog’!

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  1. gc says:

    City folks miss out on the true beauty and magic of the fog as it slowly creeps into the area, turns the surrounding landscape into a mystical Camelot and helps trees assume the eerie characteristics of tress dotting the landscape of a Harry Potter episode.

    When you live on a farm even low lying storm clouds turn into spectres of things to come. I watched one time as the clouds clung low to to the ground and easily swept over the farmland able to maintain their course due to the lack of any physical obstruction impeding their progress. The taller buildings in many large cities reroute this heavenly traffic.

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    1. Patricia says:

      You describe it all so nicely gc! Have you ever seen a small dust funnel traveling across the worked field? It’s amazing to watch. I really do miss seeing all this! Thank you for visiting my site! 🙂

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  2. Singledust says:

    Childhood memories are so often associated with smells, I smiled at the bees going for the perfume, they must have thought a flower appeared among the beans. Lovely story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Patricia says:

      Yes, you are so right! I often think of my grandparents when I sniff peppermints, lol! My sisters will never forget those bees, lol! Thank you so much!

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