I Borrowed The Moon and Stars

April 24, 2016

Over time, I have borrowed many things; library books, serving dishes, a sweater, a tool!  These are all very ordinary, necessary items to borrow when in need.


There are also times in life; in my particular life, when circumstances and people disappoint us; in fact, they disappoint me, and I have the need to borrow something quite different from the normal items just mentioned.

When someone treats you badly and no matter what you do to correct the situation with kindness, humility and sacrificing your pride, their ugliness remains.

This is the time when I decide to borrow the moon and the stars!  I call on them, my distant companions, my solace, my peace, my friends!

How I love to sit out on the patio on a mild and even chilly night when in distress and just look up at the night’s sky with the moon and stars as far as you can see.  Peace comes quickly and I am able to put my thoughts at rest, my once troubled mind at ease and know that there is more to life.

There are no troubled thoughts or frustrations that can remain in my mind when I am looking up at this beautiful night’s sky.  My thoughts seem to become so clear and refreshed as though the window washer has just slid his wand across my brain.  The worries are gone.

How I wish that everyone could experience this sense of peace and serenity just by sitting under the night’s sky; even the sad and troubled person I had to deal with.  Should I try to share this gift with her and suggest she do the same?   No, I will keep it to myself!!  They are only borrowed!


Photo from http://www.google.ca/search/imagesofstars.


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