Beyond The Scars


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Scars can run deep within our souls of stay visible on our bodies to tell the tale.  The tale of battle or unexpected occurrences in our lives.

Scars can be physical or emotional, on the surface for all to see or below, inside us, hidden in our heart.

Children experience physical scars from accidental injuries as well as being abused by someone they love and trust.  So many abused even though we want to prevent it and pray that humans will change their ways.  These same children will carry the scars in their hearts from the abuse throughout their lives and psychologists often predict the practise of first-night-mosaicthe dreaded mistreatment will continue as they become adults.

Scars can be emotional when someone finally learns to trust and that trust is betrayed.  When we finally find love only to realize that it was not real but just a game. These scars are real no matter what the age.

The pain of physical scars heal over time but the pain of emotional scars can last a lifetime.  burst.edit__0

How do we heal, what can we do?  Strength has to come from within for any type of scar we face.  Strength of character to move forward, beyond the scar and live!  Life is full of promise.  The scar cannot define us!  The future is full of potential so keep moving forward.  If you will so will I !!

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