Beaches and Green Hills Faraway



For several years now I’ve been travelling over to Northern Ireland every summer to visit my family.

How fortunate I am to have many cousins who live there and are so welcoming when I decide to make this journey over. There is never a complaint, only amazing hospitality from these wonderful people who I am proud to be related to.

The Northern Ireland countryside is so beautiful and every time I mention that I visit Ireland someone will tell me that this is one place they would love to visit.  This amazing country does live up to its reputation of being green with the rolling green hills and purple heather forming a quilted look for miles in the distance.343

On many occasions we would be spending the day sightseeing and the destination would become one of the many picturesque beaches.  The sandy beach would be a vast area where cars were able to drive and even park until the tide came in later in the day.

Most days spent touring and walking along the ocean were chilly days, too cool to take a dip in the waters of the Atlantic.  Many shells collected had to be left with the children because of restrictions of the airlines but the little ones were very happy with their gift.

Even the fact that we couldn’t sit with our chair and bath in the sun spoiled the day and I was always delighted with the trip to the Oceanside.

When summer arrives in a few months I will think about those lovely days spent in beautiful Ireland, look back on my photos and wish I was there.  It won’t be long and I hope to be back there again.

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