Chaos: Then A Hint Of Beauty



The accounts of the disaster from residents of  Fort McMurray, Alberta are heart wrenching!  Most of us cannot imagine the extreme panic and chaos something like this would cause for us.

When I read the Daily Post word, “Chaos” for today, this event quickly came to my mind!

The sheer terror that would grip anyone in this situation is so overwhelming.




My heart has been aching for everyone involved in this terrible disaster since I’ve heard about it on the news.  We hope and pray for the victims and all the firefighters who are working so hard and risking their lives fighting these fires.  All we can do as neighbours and fellow Canadians is donate what we are able and pray for them.

Then today I saw a photo posted on the internet!  Just a small image of beauty in the midst of tragedy and chaos.  Just a glimmer but possibly a moment to find peace and hope for all of us!

This is an image of the Fort McMurray wildfires underneath the Northern Lights which appeared in the sky last night.


Mother Nature at her Worst, and then her Best!!!

Photos courtesy of:

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