Healthy Mind = Healthy Body




“If we have our health, we have everything!”  This is what we all say and it is so true especially today with so many incidence of cancer and other life threatening conditions with no cure.

A healthy mind is also very important and one step to having a healthy body.  So how do we have a healthy mind?


I love to read inspirational messages posted on my Facebook page.  Listening to a professional speaker deliver an inspirational message is always very uplifting and gives us so much food for thought and promise.

I have my own list of inspirational thoughts and want to share them with you.

Happiness means;  To forgive yourself for past mistakes knowing that they are forgiven.

Happiness means;  Holding a newborn grandchild in your arms.

Happiness means;  Realizing that you are loved by many and forget the ones who do not love/like you.

Happiness means;  To visit a relative who has come home to die of cancer only to discover that they are indeed improving and death is not coming right now.

Happiness means;  No matter what is around the corner tomorrow, I will have peace in my life and food on my table.

Happiness means;  For the ten mean people in the world there are 100 caring and loving people.

Happiness means;  Having your little granddaughter tell you that she loves you.

Happiness means;  Knowing there is a God and believing that He is watching over you and no matter what happens you will be ok.


Of course there will be times in life when “we will burn with anger, tremble with fear, feel choked up with sadness and our stomach will turn with revulsion because of distressful situations.” 

“The good news is we have the power to change the negative thoughts and feelings into positive, rational, motivating thoughts  and in doing so create a healthy mind and healthy body!” quote by Dr. Arthur Barsky, author of;  Worried Sick: Our Troubled Quest for Wellness

I consider good health to be a gift; but one that can be achieved if we only try.

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  1. Dehan Taylor says:

    Yes, I agree with you totally that good health can be achieved if we try. We just have to keep focusing on the good at all times because negative thoughts will keep us down. I love this…it’s uplifting, thank you.

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    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you Dehan for your kind words. It does work to be as positive as possible. 🙂

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  2. True George says:

    Yes in an ideal world eat right, exercise is the key to good health

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    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you George! Good exercise and good thoughts are the best for all of us!! 🙂


  3. Exceptional post however I was wanting to know if you could
    write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little
    bit further. Cheers!


  4. SOUL JA says:



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    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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  5. gc says:

    Great article Pat. Glad to see you are back at writing again. Keep them coming. 🙂

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