Green Grass and Pensive Dreams



What a beautiful Spring day to lay on the grass under the maple tree and gaze up at the blue sky.  Blanket in place, sunglasses on watching the birds gliding overhead to their hiding spot in the tree.

So pensive are my thoughts as I lay here watching the fluffy clouds drift on in the sky.

I really should be home cutting the grass, digging my garden, sorting through boxes of stored items to be donated very soon; but, not right now!  This is my moment to gather my thoughts, to give my mind some relaxation as well as some reflection to why I need to hurry about.

I am retired!  I deserve to have this moment in my day!  I have raised a family and have put in my time!  So many days of past years were spent hurrying about; making meals, running errands, transporting children!  Now it is ‘me time’ and I am going to enjoy it!

So many of us need to take moments such as these and rest our weary bodies as well as our weary minds but we don’t listen to our inner self!  We don’t listen until there is a serious health issue and many times we don’t listen at all.

I happened to be listening to a radio program yesterday while driving in my car and they were talking about the “Silent Heart Attack”.  This type of heart attack can have no symptoms at all and the patient may not even realize they have had one.  listening to this radio interview definitely gave me good reason to decide to take a time-out of the everyday chores and relax.

I do hope you will all consider doing the same.

Possibly take a moment to watch this video and it will help you decide;


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