Sing A Melody For Me


I have always loved music; listening to beautiful tunes and trying to sing a favourite song.

What a wonderful experience it would be to attend a concert and listen to the amazing voices of such singers as Celine Dion or Barbra Streisand.499146--ff0ac168-ba34-4de9-8128-96c2fff3761e-poster (1)


Singing lifts our spirits when we feel down and can even be a way of communicating to a child when he or she is too shy to speak to a grownup.  It can be an ‘ice-breaker’, putting the tiny individual at ease.


Most children just naturally love music and singing.  I remember so well, my young ten-year old grandson’s school Christmas concert last December, how enthusiastic the children were and how animated they became the minute the music started.



Oh, how I love to hear a large choir, whether at a church or other function, singing out their beautiful songs.  What a gift!

The most amazing thing to me is the fact that people who have a stutter will be able to sing a tune all the way through without a single problem with their voice.  You might remember Mel Tillis and what a wonderful singer he was.

The recent success of the American Idol hopeful, Lazaro Arbos had many television watchers and doctors as well, talking about singing and stuttering.


“Understanding what dramatically reduces stuttering during singing may eventually help us understand stuttering better,” explains Dr. Barry Guitar of the University of Vermont, author of several Stuttering Foundation publications.

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Whether it be the lovely sound of the birds singing out their tunes or the gift of the church choir; just go and enjoy listening.  It can be pure pleasure!!

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