Countless Thoughts Fill Our Minds



“Our brains produce as many as 50,000 thoughts per day (National Science Foundation).”

Have you ever realized how many thoughts go through your mind in a 12 hour period?

This is especially the case when you are retired and living by yourself.  There is no one in the house to have that conversation with so your mind keeps processing and having that conversation within you head.  I’m sure some of you retired folks can relate!

Now with the wonderfully warm Spring weather here there are lots of jobs to be done inside and out and my mind has been doing a loop-de-loop with thoughts of what I need to do first.


Shall I work inside doing a Spring Cleaning, pulling old clothes out of my closet to donate, ridding the house of unwanted and unneeded items that have cluttered the cupboard or closet far too long now.


Now the flower plants and bags of black soil have been purchased.  They are sitting on the patio waiting to be planted into a fancy pot to beautify the area with all their colour and hopefully unique arrangements with imagination.

Yes, these are just simple decisions to be made in the day of this retired lady.  They don’t seem very life-changing or urgent!

What are your ongoing thoughts and decisions throughout your day?  Will they be life altering thoughts or something simple as mine will be?


How amazing our minds are when we think about it; and no pun intended!!  How fortunate we are when we do have a productive and healthy mind.  No matter what we ask our minds to do what to decide and what to produce for us, we can be so grateful to have the opportunity to process thoughts!


I hope I will always be able to say,  “I’ve had so many decisions to make today!”.

Photos courtesy of Google Search


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