Que Sera Sera ; What Will Be Will Be


14247-que-sera-sera...Some of us might remember that old song, sung by Doris Day; Que Sera Sera; What Will Be Will Be!  As a young girl, I would sing that lovely song many times to myself.  It was such a pleasant, easy song to hum and sing along to.


The theme of that song could be telling us that when we come to a fork in the road and make a choice of which road to take; what will be will be!

Now that I am older, I think back about my father; a young man, raised on a farm in Northern Ireland, facing an unknown future.  He had to make a decision; a major decision, as to whether to stay in his homeland or venture out on a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Canada to follow his older brother who had already gone ahead.  How adventurous these two young Northern Irish men were to take on this challenge of leaving behind their family and heading off to a country thousands of miles away.

My father’s decision to travel to this vast new country turned out to be a success,  with help of his older brother and support from the brothers and sisters left behind he went on to live a good life in his new world.

The fact is, if he had chosen to stay in his homeland, my life would have been so very different or I may not even exist at all.  How do we know?  I would loved to have grown up in Northern Ireland but he would never have met the lady who would be my mother.  Would I have been born?



I do believe; ‘what will be, will be’!  We chose a path, we make a choice and live our lives the best we can.  The worst thing; in my opinion, is to regret our lives.  We can’t go back and change anything, so we must go on and make the best of our futures.


My Father was so very homesick for his native Ireland throughout most of his life but he did make the best of the life he had and I am so proud of him for what he accomplished. I am so proud of his courage to try to make a productive, happy life for himself and his family.  Que Sera Sera!!!


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  1. Great post! I loved Doris Day too. Sometimes decisions are tough, but we pick the one that appears to be most beneficial and hope that it is. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you Barbara. Yes, you are so right! I always love your comments. 🙂

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  2. Mr.Brb_blog says:

    One a quest today and the question is, what inspires you to write?


  3. gc says:

    Bravo. Who knew that Doris Day could be so wise and/or prophetic. An entertaining post PAA. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the day. P.S.: ( A-H-A-H) 🙂

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    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you Gerry! Who knew is right! Ha ha. 🙂

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  4. My Aunt Sarah always used to sing this song.

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    1. Patricia says:

      It has been a song that most of us will never forget. I’m sure it gives you a nice memory Mateo. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  5. indiasologuy says:

    This is such a touching post. Thank you for sharing this story. Cheers!

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    1. Patricia says:

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it and thank you so much for your comments. 🙂

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