Old, Grey and Blank




Stillness, silence fills each day

For many people alone and grey

Elderly she has become

Abandoned, left to live alone

Oh dear family can’t you see

Forgotten in the nursing home


He watches, waits for them to come

Family, friends, just anyone

To give a hug, a kiss, a smile

Please come and be with me a while

Why have you left me,  why am I here

I gave you my all and you won’t come near

She loved and cared for you for years

He sacrificed, he paid with tears

Why do they leave us so lonely and sad

Now our lives so blank, no laughter, no love

Someday will it be you,  Lord help from above

It might be you waiting by that door

For a loved one to come, will they visit no more

Their pain is real, on you they depend

Dear God let them know

They are loved till the end.



Photos courtesy of:  https://www.google.ca/search?q=Images+of+elderly+in+nursing