People’s Circus At Costco


“I was just doing some shopping”, the real estate agent told CBC new, “and all of a sudden there was a lot of yelling and screaming”.  “The participants moved their cars”, he said, “and then they came back to the middle of the parking lot and started again.  It wasn’t long before they started whaling on each other”.  quoted a bystander.

How very sad it was to see this account of what happened in a parking lot of a Costco store in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  This has been a lead story on the news here this morning and how disturbing and senseless it was.

What is happening to our society when the normally decent person decides to have a fist fight in the middle of a parking lot. A dispute over a parking space!

There are many stories on the news about road rage;  people will get out of their cars and want to fight each other in the streets.  Some have been shot and killed.  So senseless, just so wrong!

What can we as a society do to change this course of violence and this uncertain time in our lives?  Should the penalties be more strict?  Should the judges come down hard on these individuals?

This is a ‘Circus of People’ in my mind and our society has gone crazy!  What is the answer?

What is causing all this violence in our society today?  Is it the Media, Television Violence, Movies, Video Games?


We have to take it seriously and address this problem.  We can teach our children to solve problems in a peaceful way, but what about the adults?


Positive, peaceful, intelligent minds have to prevail if we are to succeed and I have every faith that good will overcome.  We can only have hope!



Photos courtesy of: Google Search

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