The Purpose of a Rainbow



We won’t see a rainbow unless raindrops fall from a cloud.

The raindrops and the sunlight combine in a very specific way.  The beams of light separate into the colours we see in the rainbow as they enter the raindrop.  Sunlight is actually made up of different colours that we don’t usually see.  When a beam of sunlight comes down to earth the light is white. But if the light beam happens to hit raindrops on the way down at a certain angle, the different colours that make up the beam separate so that we see them – in the form of a rainbow.

Sometimes we won’t experience happiness until we have some tears.

To be truly happy we do need to have a sense of purpose.  Sometimes we tend to experience so many trials and sadness that we don’t know if we will ever be happy again.  Is happiness only for others?

Some of us find our lives totally changed by circumstances and wonder if we will be able to experience joy.

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Then God sends us wonderful friends who encourage and give us hope. They let us know there is yet a beautiful life to live!  They give us laughter, and praise that we hadn’t known for so many years.  They give us a purpose to go on, a purpose to do something different with our lives; to do something that gives us confidence along with many hours of unexpected pleasure and pride.

Without the raindrops and sunlight we wouldn’t have a rainbow; and without shedding some tears we wouldn’t come to know the pure joy of a  friend’s comfort and their sweet gift of love.


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