Your Sky; Your Limit


Sky-is-the-limitToday’s Daily Post Prompt word Sky is such a great one for me since the theme of my blog is The Sky’s The Limit!

Today I am feeling so grateful for all the blessings in my life!  The past few years have not been so kind but I can tell everyone to never give up; there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Many times we feel that our despair will never end;  we feel so low that it is impossible to fill our minds with even one positive thought.  Please don’t give up.  Time can heal many hurts.

On this day I received word that my young ten-year-old grandson, Collin, has received the Student Of The Month Award.  Collin is photographed smiling from ear to ear with pride, holding his well deserved award.


How wonderful that certain teachers and schools have made this decision to award students for being truthful, dependable, helpful and for just being a good person.  It is always a privilege to receive an award for demonstrating intelligence and hard work in gaining knowledge as we want all the students to do.  It is so beneficial also to award these young students with awards for being a good human being and kind to their fellow students.  What better way to show these children that being a kind and dependable person is valued by society.

My wish today is that anyone reading this post is feeling comfort in knowing that storms have to pass eventually.  The blue sky will appear, the birds will sing and the sun will shine again.

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