Playful Times: Priceless Memories


The years come and go, slipping by so fast

Take time to make your memories last

The sweet small laughter, oh precious one

Enjoy all your moments in the sun

Birthday candles, blow them out, your wishes made

Many hopes for the future, they will never fade

I am Grandma,  how I love family time

The smiles, the joy, it’s theirs, it’s mine

Precious smiles, their big wide eyes

Sweet as a sunrise, bright as stars in the skies

My dear precious grandchild, you capture my heart

Your love overflowing,  I know from the start

You will always be my precious one

Forever connected, but go now and run

Be playful, be safe, be happy, have fun!

You will grow, you will learn, be kind to a friend

Grandma will be watching,  loving you with no end.