Striving To Be Better ; Never Embarrassing



Joining a Gym can be so challenging along with embarrassing when you are a bit overweight and a senior.

Last Spring I joined the local gym one day when I was in a mood to change my fitness level and to take off some weight.  I also decided to ask for a trainer and was provided with a very polite 19-year-old young man.  This young man, himself, was training to compete as a bodybuilder and he already had muscles on top of muscles on his upper arms.  The thought came to mind, “this young teenager doesn’t know how a senior lady such as myself feels”!!

To say the least, I was quite embarrassed to start working at some of the weight resistant equipment while he watched and counted the times I lifted and pushed the heavy levers; one, two, three, four, five!!!  My goodness, by the time I was getting to the third repeat of fifteen repetitions my muscles were not listening to my mind any longer!  This young trainer would take one finger and help me lift the silver bar to raise it over my head!

The months went by as I tried to get in to exercise three days per week.  It was not easy and of course I wasn’t making it a priority as I should have done.  Finally it was December and Christmas was just around the corner.  Deciding that there was just no time to get to that Gym, I quit going.  What a mistake this was at the time.


Well, I am back!  I have decided to get back there and start over again!  This is my first week and there have been smiles from people who recognize me from the last session giving this exerciser a sense of being right at home.  The feeling this time is one of motivation rather than one of embarrassment.  I have the same young man training me but he has since become a certified trainer and appears to be better prepared to instruct me with a bit more knowledge and encouragement than shown the previous time.

I do think that this time I will make it!

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