Summers On The Farm

Farmland Sunset

Oh summer, sweet summer, I am happy you are finally here.  I intend to enjoy you to the fullest.

The summer flowers will be finally planted, chairs and table will be waiting out on the patio for my morning, noon and evening relaxation as I gratefully sit and enjoy reading the book that never could be finished with the hustle and bustle of life on the farm.

Many of my younger years were spent on the farm where the chores of farm life were priority.  There was no summer holiday at that time.  Rushing here, rushing there, dust and more dust in the face from the fields and gravelled roads.


Farming is a wonderful life and I wouldn’t want to trade those days for anything.  The work was hard but the life was as sweet and as pure as the first rose of summer.  The sunsets were magnificent and the summer moon was majestic in the early evenings.

I miss the days when I would walk down the road with my dog, Lady; not a car in sight, and only the sound of the red winged blackbird chirping and taking flight as I walked past his hiding spot in the tree.

The warm summer mornings were the best time to get out to the soybean field where we would each have a hoe in hand and walk through the long rows looking for weeds.  The  morning dew was still on the leaves of the bean plants and brush against our pant legs but since it was usually so hot this moisture felt pretty good!

64ba041428c426c27353aa33e0c33c67The pickup truck was always dusty but looked so good when your legs became tired from walking up and down those rows.  Most summer days were very humid but if we were lucky there could be a good breeze.  Even though a broad rimmed hat was worn we came home with sun scorched faces along with sunburned arms and legs.

Today that soybean field is replaced by a nice quiet patio.  I enjoy relaxing in my chair shaded by the umbrella with my book and glass of lemonade very close by.

As I lay my head back and watch the clouds drift slowly by in the sky, I think about all those hot busy mornings and afternoons walking back and forth through those rows of soybeans. There was no need to join a gym or worry about getting enough exercise as we would walk several miles in the hot afternoon.

I no longer have to prepare that big meal for the farm hands who would come in ready for nourishment and a hot apple pie baked in the oven that morning.

Oh those summer days on the farm were difficult and so tiring at the time but you just go and do it.  At the time it was our lifestyle and not a burden.  There was no worry about falling asleep at night after such a long hard day of work.

If I had it to do all over again I would!  It is not always an easy way of life but it is a good one!

How grateful I am to have had the experience and now to appreciate my retirement.  After all the hard work I do appreciate being able to enjoy my summer in the shade.

I do salute all those hard working farmers who are continuing to face the hot sun every morning but at the same time I know they love it just as I did.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nam H Nguyen says:

    I imagine it’s a very quiet and relaxed lifestyle (though work would be tiring). You would know everyone in your community and be fairly self-sufficient too!
    I guess if you like plants, animals and nature it would be amazing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Patricia says:

      It is a good life for sure Nam. Hard work but a good place to raise a family. Thank you for visiting! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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