A Rain Dance To Stop The Burn


“Droughts are one of the most significant climatological events that can impact agricultural production in Canada. As historical climate records show, almost all areas in Canada, and indeed across North America, have experienced drought at one time or another. Monitoring the spatial extent and intensity of drought is important to prepare for and recover from these costly and often multi-year natural disasters.” Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

If a rain dance would work, I am here doing just that!!!


Yes, farmers are at the mercy of the weather.  In the early spring they rush to get the crops in the ground before the rain comes.  Ok, they are in the ground, now let the rain come!  We wait and we watch; we listen to the forecasters and we pray with hope.

Each time the television meteorologist is on camera we watch with keen interest hoping they will say those lovely words; “we have rain in the forecast”!  Most times these well meaning, well trained individuals will tell their audiences “what a lovely weekend we have in store”.  They tell their audiences; “we have good news for you, there will be no rain to spoil your weekend activities”.  These assurances from the TV weather person often causes me to want to call or write to that individual and say to them, “don’t you realize that there are farmers out here who need that rain so badly?”!!

 I can say now that many meteorologists are admitting we do need the precious raindrops in our dry, drought stricken area.  The lawns are becoming brown, the plants are suffering and the fields are very dry.  I can now say the television weather people are acknowledging our predicament and hoping for rain even though it is a holiday or a weekend and I for one say a big HURRAY for that!

So come on rain clouds!!!  Please come our way and give our grounds some moisture before it’s too late!  Please come to our rescue before our precious crops burn up in this hot summer sun!


Photos courtesy of Google search

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