Perplexed Yet in Awe


One of the most beautiful sites in Nature that I love to witness each Spring and Fall is the Migration of the Tundra Swans.

As I watch these magnificent birds flying overhead I’ve wondered how they know it’s time to leave their nesting areas.

Apparently they start to leave their warm winter homes along the Southern Atlantic coastal areas of the U.S. for their summer homes way up in the North West Territories and the Yukon.  This is such a long slow trip for these hardy birds and can take months.  They travel at a leisurely pace and the journey can take up to 100 days as they stop to find food and rest on many occasions.



The amazing flight south for the winter months is a sight to see as the beautiful swans fly in formation overhead.  I can always hear them coming from quite a distance and just stop what I’m doing to enjoy looking up and watch them soar overhead on their way to their destination.

We humans can often be perplexed by the sheer knowledge of these birds and animals who know how to care for themselves against the wintry blasts that come along.

It is Nature in all it’s glory and I for one find it so amazing to witness.

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