Slogging Through The Airport


Have you ever been on the Jet as it taxis down the runway on return to the airport terminal and realize that you only have 10 minutes to get to your connecting flight?

This happened to myself and my sister as we were returning from our 3-week holiday visiting our brother in British Columbia.


We were late arriving at our first stop and had to be on another jet plane to finish our destination home.  My sister, who is slightly disabled, required wheelchair assistance so we knew we were at a terrible disadvantage to start our run through the terminal.

The next minutes; which seemed like hours, turned out to be a comedy and one which I can only imagine would make for a TV sitcom anytime!!

The airport staff person began by assuring us that they would “get us to our connecting flight”!

The first staff person helped my sister into her waiting wheelchair and off we went with myself almost running to keep up to the youthful assistant.


The next staff person we met loaded the two of us into a waiting airline terminal jeep.  Have you seen those things in terminals?  Off we went, speeding past so many hurrying passengers on their way to their gates.  What a ride!

Once again we met a staff person who assisted my sister into another wheelchair and down the elevator to the ground floor we went.  This lady was totally in charge and calling for another jeep to come.  Into the second jeep we climbed hurriedly and without any hesitation we were off; z o o m, speeding through the halls which felt like ‘light speed’.

Next and lastly a young man assisted my sister into yet another wheelchair and slowly walked us to our waiting gate!  Oh, what a relief it was to be there!


We no sooner took our seat to wait and heard the airport gate monitor announce that we would be boarding our flight in 4 minutes.  My sister and I looked at each other, realizing how close we had come to missing this flight!  We had one more hurried stop to make and that was a dash to the ladies room before boarding this precious flight home.

What an exciting end to our long, peaceful, restful and stress-free holiday!!!  The great experience added so much excitement and fun to our whole experience and we couldn’t have planned it any better!!!!


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