The Dilemma Of A Tiny Royal


The tiny royal would have none of it!!!

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau along with his wife and several other dignitaries were on hand to greet the royals when they emerged from their flight on Saturday.

It is said that the British media is having a “field day” with what one outlet has described as an awkward encounter between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and tiny royal, Prince George.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had just emerged from their jet plane and were being greeted by everyone when the Prime Minister bent down to exchange a high-five with the small prince.  This little fellow was having none of it!!!  The Prime Minister then attempted to shake hands and again Prince George refused!

What??  No high-fiver and not even a handshake!!!  A snub, I think not!!

The little fellow had just endured a long 9 hour flight from across the ocean.  The tiny Prince was also quite taken by the landing of a Sea King Helicopter than he was in all the dignitaries waiting to greet them.

Prince George who is 3 years old and Princess Charlotte, 16 months are the cutest Prince and Princess to arrive on Canadian soil in many years.


One of the leading newspapers in Great Britain took note of the failed high-five with the headline,   “Prince George and Princess Charlotte revel in a little mischief on Canadian tour.”

It is wonderful to see this beautiful Royal family come to visit our Canada!

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