Volunteer Those Treats


I looked up to the sky tonight

The moonlight peeking through

The branches of the dancing tree

A ghostly sight it’s true

It is that time of year you know

With pumpkins on display

On doorsteps, windowsills all carved

Halloween is on its way.

Witches, goblins, orange lights aglow

Most homes all lit and bright

The tiny goblins will all come

To visit you this night

To a welcome door with bag in tow

Funny costumes here they come

Excited laughter, giggles, smiles

So let’s not be so glum

The few who close their door and shun

They dislike all this fuss and frown

Precious goblins having fun.

So on that night please volunteer

Give treats, don’t close your door

Just let your inner child come through

Treasured memories forever more.




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