The Stars And The Moon; A Copycat Tune


The stars and the moon plus a copycat tune

A love song playing, glowing candles in June

Lovely moments to cherish, they pass by for me

Here I am in my lazy boy sipping my tea

How I would love to be thirty again

To be dancing to love songs with handsome young men

Those memories are flooding my mind as I rest

I cannot, nor will not, my life was the best

The past is the past, it lingers in dreams

The present is good enough it seems

A soft touch, a smile, a tender hello

Gives this lonely old lady a warm fuzzy glow

Now please don’t feel sad for me, I am just fine

My life was so wonderful, now it is time

For the next phase of life;  I’m not sad, I’m not grim

As the nursing home staff says, “time for lights to be dim”.


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4 thoughts on “The Stars And The Moon; A Copycat Tune

  • That was beautiful. I was surprised at the ending that you are in a nursing home. I am only 53 years old but I could relate to all of your reminiscing about the past and being 30 again and dancing with handsome young men etc. as i have been divorced and single for a very long time. My life is good right now at this very minute…… Thank you for your beautiful poem and keep writing. You are a very gifted, talented and blessed “young” lady with much love in your heart. May all of you days overflow with many blessings of love, peace, joy, love and healthy body and spirits.

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