The Stars And The Moon; A Copycat Tune


The stars and the moon plus a copycat tune

A love song playing, glowing candles in June

Lovely moments to cherish, they pass by for me

Here I am in my lazy boy sipping my tea

How I would love to be thirty again

To be dancing to love songs with handsome young men

Those memories are flooding my mind as I rest

I cannot, nor will not, my life was the best

The past is the past, it lingers in dreams

The present is good enough it seems

A soft touch, a smile, a tender hello

Gives this lonely old lady a warm fuzzy glow

Now please don’t feel sad for me, I am just fine

My life was so wonderful, now it is time

For the next phase of life;  I’m not sad, I’m not grim

As the nursing home staff says, “time for lights to be dim”.


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