Bludgeon Defeat With Courage


I’m sure many of us have those memories of times when we were bullied by one person or another.  Most people remember being bullied while young students in school and most times the bullying was coming from another student.

There are times when the bullying has come from a trusted teacher, which was the case for me.

I was a teenager attending the eleventh grade in my local high-school where each week we would have a Health class.

One day during our Health class the teacher announced that she was going to choose certain students to give an impromptu talk in front of the class.

Now, I was, and forever had been very uncomfortable standing in front of the class, let alone speaking while standing in front of the class.  I believe the teacher noticed this trait in me and this is the reason that she chose me to be her first speaker!

All of a sudden I heard my name called!!  I rose from my seat and made my way to the front of the class!

The teacher then asked me to speak to the class about a subject that now I have forgotten.

I stammered and struggled, trying to speak with a shaky voice when all of a sudden the teacher stopped me.

She then turned to the other students and asked them to tell her ‘what traits I had demonstrated’ while attempting to speak!

You see, she was conducting an experiment to teach the class ‘what a nervous and frightened person portrayed’!

I was, to say the least, very embarrassed and humiliated in front of my class.  I’m sure several other students felt my pain and humiliation.

I have never forgotten this episode which occurred in my younger years and I cannot forgive this teacher for what she did.

I am sure she did not think it through that she was being a bully, that she might as well have bludgeoned me with a stick in front of my peers.

I left school following that incident but returned later in life to gain my diploma and to go on to college.  Courage did conquer the fear eventually.

To anyone reading this, please don’t let anyone saddle you with fear.  Some will do it without meaning to and then there are some who do want to instill fear and defeat in you.   You cannot lose heart!  Please don’t let the bully win!

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