Relax, Company Is Coming


I remember so well the Christmases past when there was so much panic within me to have everything perfect.

I wanted the house perfect, the food perfect, the gifts ready, etc., etc.

Oh I realize I am not alone in this; so many people feel the same.

Now that I’m older and retired, my life has slowed down considerably.

I no longer rush around, because my body won’t let me!! Β What gets done, gets done!

If I can pass anything on to the younger generations it is this;

Please don’t waste time worrying about having everything perfect.

Enjoy your children, your spouse, your home and the warmth and love of family members who come to your home at Christmastime.

They come to see you; not your house! Β They come to enjoy the fun of being together; not perfect gift wrapping, perfect cookies, or a spotless house!

I wish all of you a very loving, safe, healthy and happy season.


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