A Gift Of Love

Editor’s Note:  I dedicate this poem to Tasha and John who have recently lost their Mother, Bonnie.



Live, laugh, love and dream

These lovely words so true

She always taught us to believe

Feel love our whole life through


Our dreams are full with thoughts of her

We know she’s always near

The flowers in the garden tell

She planted them last year



 The Angels let me come each day

My presence as a warming glow

My whisper is a sweet soft breeze

I am always here you know.



Heaven is a lovely place

So peaceful, warm, so free

I did not want to leave so soon

But the angels beckoned me


My darling family please do know

How close I am to you

Watching, smiling, loving, caring

A breath away it’s true


We will love you forever more

On this you can depend

Things will never be the same for us

Without our Mom and our best friend.





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