Turn The Volume Down



Several years ago when my daughter was in her early teens she was infatuated with the singing group, The Monkeys!

All excited, she came to her Father and I and said, “the Monkeys are coming to perform in Detroit; can we go?”.  Well, of course, we had to go to this concert!!

The music was fantastic but it was so very loud!  At that time my husband and I hadn’t been to very many live concerts and the volume of the music was completely deafening, even from seats many rows away from the stage.

Both my husband and I agreed that this very loud music was the beginning of our hearing loss to be sure!  I’m sure you have all had that experience of leaving a music concert with very loud music and you cannot hear as well for almost an hour later.


I do now worry about the hearing of our youth today but I am sure that our parents said the same thing about all we Baby Boomers!!

Please don’t be too proud to use earplugs if the volume is too loud for you at a music concert.  I wish I had when I was younger.  The music is great and yes, I know, it seems that much better when it’s loud, but please be careful everyone!








Photos courtesy of https://www.google.ca/search?q=Images+of+loud+music

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