Be Still My Savage Heart



” When we see the lilies spinning distress, Taking thought to manufacture loveliness …….. When we see the birds all building barns for store……..  Twill be time for us to worry, not before………… Be Still My Anxious Heart……………Author Unknown.


Be still my anxious heart

These words so often heard

Bring peace to anxious thoughts

Peace to minds so often blurred


Such a restless world  today

We all strive to do our part

Laughter, songs and simple smiles

Everyday a brand new start



Keep the savage beast inside you

Rumours,  hatreds do abound

Never let them hold you captive

Love thy neighbour, keep them sound.


We have to work together

Keeping this old world at peace

We can all love one another

 Our human race can never cease


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    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you so much for reposting my blog!


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