A Tiny Spider’s Thread



The tiny spider spins his web across the man-made pond

How did he do this, I want to know

He must have a magic wand

Magic it is not you see, it’s Mother Nature’s show

She gives the tiny spider, a gift, a silky thread

And then another gift of wind to cast the silk along

From tree to tree, branch to branch, his little home is spread

Nature is so amazing to each and everyone

To know a tiny spider smaller than a thumb

Can spin a web across a pond, or stretch from tree to tree

Some say the web’s a nuisance, Mother Nature must be dumb.

All creatures great and small have purpose on our earth

Many people don’t appreciate their value or their worth

So please take time to read about these wondrous things, you’ll see

The world truly, truly is, an amazing place to be.





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A Rain Dance To Stop The Burn


“Droughts are one of the most significant climatological events that can impact agricultural production in Canada. As historical climate records show, almost all areas in Canada, and indeed across North America, have experienced drought at one time or another. Monitoring the spatial extent and intensity of drought is important to prepare for and recover from these costly and often multi-year natural disasters.” Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

If a rain dance would work, I am here doing just that!!!


Yes, farmers are at the mercy of the weather.  In the early spring they rush to get the crops in the ground before the rain comes.  Ok, they are in the ground, now let the rain come!  We wait and we watch; we listen to the forecasters and we pray with hope.

Each time the television meteorologist is on camera we watch with keen interest hoping they will say those lovely words; “we have rain in the forecast”!  Most times these well meaning, well trained individuals will tell their audiences “what a lovely weekend we have in store”.  They tell their audiences; “we have good news for you, there will be no rain to spoil your weekend activities”.  These assurances from the TV weather person often causes me to want to call or write to that individual and say to them, “don’t you realize that there are farmers out here who need that rain so badly?”!!

 I can say now that many meteorologists are admitting we do need the precious raindrops in our dry, drought stricken area.  The lawns are becoming brown, the plants are suffering and the fields are very dry.  I can now say the television weather people are acknowledging our predicament and hoping for rain even though it is a holiday or a weekend and I for one say a big HURRAY for that!

So come on rain clouds!!!  Please come our way and give our grounds some moisture before it’s too late!  Please come to our rescue before our precious crops burn up in this hot summer sun!


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Aimless or Powerless


goose-mother-geeses-and-babies-are-floating-on-the-pond-in-sunny-morningThe word aimless has so many meanings.  Careless, directionless, wandering, unguided, thoughtless, are just a few that I read from a list of synonyms of the word.

When I think of the word aimless, my mind can’t help but focus on an image in my mind of several beautiful Canadian Geese floating aimlessly on the water just a short distance from where I was sitting at a table.  As I watched the sailboats gliding aimlessly across the blue water of the lake my thoughts were so peaceful and calm.

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It was such a lovely scene from the patio of the lovely restaurant in the marina with the geese  floating on the water aimlessly, the warm sun was shining in on the many patrons enjoying a delicious meal and life was very good at that moment.

These are the pleasurable moments in life that we all wish to keep in our minds to return to in other times of stress and difficulty.  If only life could always be so serene, so peaceful!

As we know, life cannot always be this lovely; in fact life can become downright horrible some days so how can we find a balance?  How can we cope?

Sometimes just when you think you have life all figured out and in balance, you are yet again faced with a wall or an unexpected hurdle to tackle and try to cope with.

There are many times when we are faced with problems with people who want to control you and how can we cope?  There may be someone who needs help and guidance but we are not strong enough ourselves to give the help and guidance.





There are so many cliches floating about that we repeat in our minds and I have to admit that at least one will come to my mind when I find that I’m faced with a dilemma.


“When faced with lemons, make lemonade”, meaning, “when faced with troubles, turn them into opportunities”.  I do like this cliche!







Sometimes we are powerless to fix things and have to also face this.  I have had such a situation that I cannot fix!  So I pray and let the ‘powers that be’ do the fixing! Most of the time we have to accept that we are powerless rather than aimless!




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Visions Of Beauty

There are so many visions of beauty on this earth and beyond if we only take the time to enjoy them.

Today in my area we have lots of fluffy white clouds with spots of blue sky peaking through.  How peaceful it is to sit outside and look up and watch these clouds slowly drifting by.  How much fun it is to try to imagine an image within those huge white puffs of air, to visualize an animal or object amongst them.

The blossoms are beautifully in bloom on many trees and the tender early leaves are forming.  The grass is green, the early spring daffodils and tulips are almost finished their spring blossoms.  How beautiful they have been and how welcoming after long winter months.

The windows can now be left open to hear the sweet birds chirping in the nearby trees. The squirrels are scurrying about finding their daily meal or playing with their siblings, running along a fence or a tree limb.

The sunsets have to be my favourite site to behold during evenings when mother nature decides to give us this wonderful gift.  How amazing it is to see the beautiful scarlet display as the sun slowly hides from view to give way to the night’s sky as though it’s performance is finished for now and it’s time for the stars to produce their magic.


Yes, we do have so much to enjoy in this world if we can take the time to enjoy all that she has to offer us.  These are the simple, yet priceless gifts we all should be able to treasure.  As the old saying goes; “the greatest things in life are free”!!




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