Face The Sun


Keep your face to the sun 

So you can’t see the shadow

Keep your faith in all you do

Find joy in your tomorrow

Some days the challenge wins it’s true

Some days we fight the fight

In darkness when we close our eyes

We so welcome a rest in the night


We’re only human, we can go on

To better days to come

So please don’t be discouraged today

There is victory to be won

Woman celebrating sport success

If you feel knackered, torn and drawn

Take time to rest your soul

Please always keep this thought in mind

Victory is coming. you will achieve your goal.


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The Roots Of Life


The roots of life grow deep and strong

To know the gift that we belong

The wonder of the years gone by

Of precious people who have died


So many times I wondered why

The thoughts of children, maybe a cry

Where is my grandma, grandpa too

As a child, many questions grewGal-n-dad


Can Daddy talk about the past

Or will this make him cry to tell

Too many questions, we should not ask

But, oh I wish, Daddy please don’t yellN_3792_4831012


Years gone by and oh I wish

It’s too late now to know

Talks we should have had back then

So many years ago


Dad never knew how I wanted so

To ask him, “please talk about the past?”

It’s all ok now my sweet, sweet Dad

I  know about our roots at last.




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My Sweet Friend


A smile. a kiss, a tender touch

A sweet hello today

Each and every time we meet

Lovely gifts of these come my way


Your caring ways you alway show

For everyone you meet

The wink, the smile, the teasing glance

All make you so complete


All softness yet so strong in mind

 A spirit of strength all the while

A loving pride for family

Behind that flirting smile


You are a proud Slovenian man

Canadian now true blue

I am so proud to know you 

What a gift my friend, it is YOU!




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Heal As The Birds Sing



If only birds could talk they would tell us all to sing

They sing their song each day so well to tell us it is Spring

We humans spend to many hours thinking thoughts of sorrow

I wish the birds could teach us to look upon tomorrow


In our hearts we know to try to hope for better times

To heal our minds, our souls, our hearts

When a storm comes knocking at our door

Are we able to take on this fight or do we just depart


Shall we take the strife to bury inside

Or with strength in our mind we will say


“Ready to face you sorrow”  on this and every day




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A Tender Journey


On the cusp of life and love

We struggle with our thoughts of those

Tender years we struggled so

To find our way and paths we chose


The road is long and sometimes harsh

But don’t despair,  we do endure

The joy of striving, pushing on

The wicked ways that tend to lure


We all shall face good times and bad

We will find love yet lose a tear

But oh we never want to miss

Our tender journey with all so dear. 





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