No Place Like Home



Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly……. Judy Garland”




There is no place like home, we know

As Judy Garland sings

We heard her sing and all recall

True happiness it brings


Our wonderful planet, our beautiful world

We have to care, it’s clear

If we neglect to do our part

It may just disappear


We can’t accept such gloom and doom

Within our grasp is hope you see

The prize is Earth, our lush green Earth

We can save it…… YOU AND ME!!!




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Irrelevant Is Just A Word


Irrelevant is just a word

It shouts to us this way

You can’t be special, wanted, loved

Such foolishness I say


So many in this world today

Feel lonely, shunned and lost

How do we fight these thoughts at last

Let us never bear the cost


You are important, each one of you

To this world, one and all

You were put here for a reason

Please believe it;  do not fall


Please do not fall victim to

Helpless thoughts inside;  The silent cries

You must not let them have their way

You matter, you are loved, please dry your eyes


The thought that I don’t  matter

Has tortured me, it’s true

I never will let it be

Who I am!   Now how about you?



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Sympathy As I Watch


Palm trees bending with the wind

Rain like nails on window panes

Boarded homes, fears so astounding

Welcoming centres,  comfort from the strain


As I sit and watch the news

From my safe and peaceful town

The sympathy that fills my mind

Only prayers and a tear roll down


And on this day of nine-eleven

We cannot nor will not forget

Forever memories locked inside

Live, Laugh, Love,  always protect.



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Crescendo Of Silence


How wonderful her life would be

To feel pure love her greatest plea

To feel the warmth, the glow the fire

The welcomed hug we all desire


Watching, waiting, day is long

He listens to the birds sweet song

He wishes he could fly away

And join their freedom on this day


The silence oh crescendo tone

She wants to dance and sing not moan

He wants to walk, to stroll away

Far from this nursing home today


The sad, sad truth we can’t deny

These lonely folks will make us cry

What can I do? Can I be one?

Who won’t forget them;  be their Sun.


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My Sweet Dandelion Tea



vienna teapot-FNL

I happen to love a nice hot cup of tea when I want to relax after a busy afternoon.

Do you enjoy a cup of tea?  There are so many types and flavours of teas which makes a person wonder what to buy to try.

There’s White tea, Green tea, Black tea, Oolong tea, Herbal teas and on and on!

I have read that:

All tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The styles of tea are produced by altering the shape and chemistry of the leaf, unromantically called ‘processing’ or ‘manufacture.’ This lesson will look at simple tea production.

Tea processing is five basic steps; some teas don’t utilize all of these steps, while other teas repeat them several times. Basic processing is Plucking, Withering (allowing the leaves to wilt and soften), Rolling (to shape the leaves and wring out the juices), Oxidizing (see below), and Firing (ie: Drying).

Now this is all very interesting but all I want to do is boil the water in my kettle and make my tea!

Recently I have discovered a favourite tea called, Roasted Dandelion Root tea and it is wonderful.  It has a nice taste and the producers of this product state that “gently stimulates the liver and supports healthy digestion.”  If this sweet cup of tea can do this for me then this is a bonus.

So shall we go and enjoy that hot cup of tea?  Now I must have one!  Can I make one for you?



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