Can We Recreate Our World


If I could recreate the world

From beginning to the end

All creatures living lives in peace

Happiness would be the trend


A dream this is that many want

A dream we all desire

A dream that could come true someday

We will and should aspire


Our world so huge, so many here

So many lives, beliefs and goals

If we could live with others thoughts

Respect them, not control.




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The Artist


Imagination is my brush

My eyes the canvas board

Draws a scene within my mind

To capture and restore


The penchant beauty all can see

If we can only hold

Gratitude for natures gifts

Keep thoughts from growing cold.


Tomorrow as the sun will shine

My brush will find a path

He’ll paint the scene, a moment’s thought

A treasure that will last





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I Too Disobeyed My Parents


“Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. ” by Dr. David M. Burns


Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs on this earth.  We are given these beautiful, loving little babies to nurture, to teach, to love and to protect with all that we have within us.

Most times I found that my teaching came from within me; from things I had learned from my parents and they from their parents.  Did I do a good job?  I believe I did and of course with help from their father.

Many times they would disobey as I too disobeyed my parents.  We are human; they are human, and this is what most humans do because we have our own minds.  We each have thoughts, whether the thoughts are right or wrong, we have them and most times we act on them.  We wouldn’t, to be honest, want it any other way for our children.  We want them to learn to make decisions.

Looking back and remembering the arguments with my children as they were growing, the arguments over trivial things, was it worth it?  It may not have been, but I have to believe it helped in their development.  I have to believe it cultivated them to be where they are today; respectful, kind adults who I am proud to say are my kids!!


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Sympathy As I Watch


Palm trees bending with the wind

Rain like nails on window panes

Boarded homes, fears so astounding

Welcoming centres,  comfort from the strain


As I sit and watch the news

From my safe and peaceful town

The sympathy that fills my mind

Only prayers and a tear roll down


And on this day of nine-eleven

We cannot nor will not forget

Forever memories locked inside

Live, Laugh, Love,  always protect.



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