Turn The Volume Down



Several years ago when my daughter was in her early teens she was infatuated with the singing group, The Monkeys!

All excited, she came to her Father and I and said, “the Monkeys are coming to perform in Detroit; can we go?”.  Well, of course, we had to go to this concert!!

The music was fantastic but it was so very loud!  At that time my husband and I hadn’t been to very many live concerts and the volume of the music was completely deafening, even from seats many rows away from the stage.

Both my husband and I agreed that this very loud music was the beginning of our hearing loss to be sure!  I’m sure you have all had that experience of leaving a music concert with very loud music and you cannot hear as well for almost an hour later.


I do now worry about the hearing of our youth today but I am sure that our parents said the same thing about all we Baby Boomers!!

Please don’t be too proud to use earplugs if the volume is too loud for you at a music concert.  I wish I had when I was younger.  The music is great and yes, I know, it seems that much better when it’s loud, but please be careful everyone!








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Triumph Or Devastation


Do we triumph when we win

Does it mean a victory

Or do we reap just what we sow

For all eternity


Most of us do believe

The Global Warning signs

Some do not so they go on

To ignore scientific minds


I for one do believe

We must preserve this earth

Fossil Fuels and Greenhouse Gasses

Please what is it worth

FT-140219-polar vortex.jpg.CROP.promo-mediumlarge

Deforestation, Industrialization,

Pollution; cannot be a choice

How do we as a civilization

Convince you; “hear our voice”


Some in Power think they triumph

They will not hear nor see

Mistakes in judgement, what it will cost

For all eternity.



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Innocence So Tender


The tender smiles so sweet and new

A baby…toddler…child they view

Our world from tiny eyes so wide

The wonderment comes shining through


I love to watch these little ones

Their curiosity so keen

Each day is full of fun and love

Such treasured moments to be seen


If only we adults could share

This world of little ones so pure

And capture treasures they do see

To save within our hearts secure




Mom Can You Hear Me

This poem is dedicated to Tasha


Oh Mom can you hear me

In Heaven as you smile

Today is my birthday 

Can you hold my hand awhile


You’re in my thoughts, my prayers, my heart

My tears flow everyday

How can I get through life without

You here showing me my way


Can all the angels help you come

Your love I need so much

I know you see me where you are

I feel your tender touch


You gave me birth, the bond so strong

Oh Mom I love you so

Yes you have come, I feel you near

We will never let you go




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Loveliness Surrounds


The day is new all crisp and clean

Golden sunlight trickling in

Soft images dance on my wall

Loveliness surrounds within



As I awake, so many thoughts

Invade my mind this dawn

But as I look upon the wall

The worries they are gone


Nature has a way of course

Of giving us such peace

Close your eyes, yes let them go

Those worries let them cease


Please sunshine dancing on my wall

Keep me in perfect mind

Always remind me of your gift

Golden streams magically entwined



Photos courtesy of:  https://www.google.ca/search?q=Images+of+sunlight