A Tender Journey


On the cusp of life and love

We struggle with our thoughts of those

Tender years we struggled so

To find our way and paths we chose


The road is long and sometimes harsh

But don’t despair,  we do endure

The joy of striving, pushing on

The wicked ways that tend to lure


We all shall face good times and bad

We will find love yet lose a tear

But oh we never want to miss

Our tender journey with all so dear. 





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Good Morning Mr. Moon

(Prompt word for today;  Rhythmic)


Good morning Mr. Moon

Don’t you know our morn has come

Your beauty gave us light last night

Please sleep now, we want the Sun


The Rhythmic nature of our world

So wondrous and beautiful to view

You give us new each and everyday

From dusk to dawn and all day through


When human troubles get you down

The constant chatter of our time

Take a look at nature’s ease and grace

Let her calm your fretting mind




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Glitter or Gloom


Some days our lives can be glitter and gold

Some days only shaded and long

Some days when I open my eyes to the sun

Last days thoughts pour in with the dawn.


Let’s take a deep breath, it’s time to renew

Let’s start our new day with a smile

Let’s all tell ourselves our worries can’t win

We will find our new strength for a while.


Hot coffee, good food, so ready,  refreshed

I shall go on, come what may

Open that door, stepping into the sun

Ah yes,  let’s bring on the day!



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Pure Joy


I love to babysit my two little grandsons, Charlie, 3 years old and Eddie, 13 months old.

I usually have them at my house one day a week and sometimes more often than that.

They are a challenge at times but most of the time I am just in awe of the conversations with little Charlie and the level of maturity of this little 3-year-old.

He told his grandfather today that he wants to be an Engineer and there is no doubt in my mind that he could just be that someday.

The funniest comment came from Charlie today when his grandfather was trying to persuade Charlie to eat his hot dog for lunch.  Grandpa said, “a lot of times I don’t even eat the hotdog with the bun.  I eat the hotdog by itself just like a banana”!  Charlies’ response to this was; “Grandpa, that’s not funny”!  Grandpa and Grandma looked at each other and laughed and laughed.

Grandchildren are such a joy!

They certainly exceed all expectations  and they are definitely a gift!




A Gift Of Love

Editor’s Note:  I dedicate this poem to Tasha and John who have recently lost their Mother, Bonnie.



Live, laugh, love and dream

These lovely words so true

She always taught us to believe

Feel love our whole life through


Our dreams are full with thoughts of her

We know she’s always near

The flowers in the garden tell

She planted them last year



 The Angels let me come each day

My presence as a warming glow

My whisper is a sweet soft breeze

I am always here you know.



Heaven is a lovely place

So peaceful, warm, so free

I did not want to leave so soon

But the angels beckoned me


My darling family please do know

How close I am to you

Watching, smiling, loving, caring

A breath away it’s true


We will love you forever more

On this you can depend

Things will never be the same for us

Without our Mom and our best friend.





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